Do you already have your scuba dive certification and would you like to go on a guided dive with one of our instructors?

2-Tank Dive
One dive doesn’t seem enough for you? Schedule a 2-tank dive to enjoy two successive dives at two different and exciting diving sites.

Westpoint Trip
Westpunt, the Western part of Curaçao, is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning dive sites. During this day-trip you will make two guided dives and enjoy lunch near the ocean.

Caracasbay Trip

Gathering at 08:30 at our dive school. We will first go to a view point of Jan Thiel and tell you a little bit more about the island. After that we go to the first diving spot: Tugboat. After Tugboat we drive a little bit further to Director's Bay, which is also a popular diving spot. We are usually back around 14:00.

Night Dive
Diving is (almost) always possible, even at night! As soon as you get into the water and see the unbelievable night life, you will understand why so many divers love it.

Lionfish Specialty
The lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean so hunting them is allowed (for certain people and under strict rules). We can teach you how to search for, find, and hunt lionfish.

Snorkeling is a good alternative to scuba diving if you don't want to, or are not able to dive. Discover the beautiful underwater world of Curaçao without having to scuba dive.





 Dive equipment
Guided dive$75.00$50.00

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